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can i just say- i love your new single! love love love it!
I would consider myself a bigtime fan but my bestfriend, Grant beats me down to the ground!
He's practically in love with you and owns every soundtrack/dvd/cd/magazine that you have appeared in.
Now, im going to ask you a huggggeee favour! + considering you pregnancy (congratulations) and recent events i will completely understand if you are unable to do this but its worth a go Smiling
Its Grants 18th birthday is on the 25th October and it would absolutly mean the world to him if you could send him a card or letter or autographed picture, anything atall really!
That would really make his birthday one to remember!
I hope you are able to do this and that you are well.
Good luck in all your future endevours and i am behind you 100% of the way!
Louise, xxxx

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hi jennifer i from all the way in barbados well i cant say i'm your biggest fan cuz every body says so , but i'm 1 of them an i'm glad that u are hold on an making something outta your life keep it up honey God bless you