Im so happy for you.

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I am your greatest fan. I have admired you ever since you were on american idol. You are a great role model. You never gave up. I thought you left american idol way to soon. I felt you should have won. Along with your success you always keep your faith and trust in god no matter what obstacles you cross. You have inner beauty as well as outer beauty, and you always stay so humble. I am so glad people have someone like you to look up to and relate to as well. Please keep up what you are doing because you are helping so many people to go in the right direction. People need positive role models like you. I love you!!! MAY GOD BLESS YOU KYCHELLE STERLING MONTCLAIR NJ

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yea i hope our dear lord blesses jennfier with everything she deserves expecially with her winning the oscar and the grammy after everything she has been through last year

Jennifer Hudson,

You are off the chain. I saw your fear when you walked out on that stage to sing at Michael"s funeral. You did your thang like no one else could. when you lifted up that foot girl you were singing. I am proud of you because you have grown so much since American Idol.
You are a beautiful young woman and God only have good things for you.
I wish you and your fiance' all the blessings that God can bestow on you and your new family. I know that you have had some hard times but it is now your season. You enjoy it and live your life to the fullest enjoying all that God has for you.
God Bless You Jennifer and your new family

<i>I think our heavenly father has something bigger and better planned for our beautiful Jennifer that American idol may not have been able to offer her. Miss Jennifer in all honesty and with respect you are my idol.</i>


I believe jennifer should have won american idol. I was routing for her to win. I was shocked that she was eliminated early. I thought she would make it to second or third finalist and not number seven. Even though she did not win. I knew that she would make it anyway. Jennifer being so successful at a young age will hopefully help other young people to set goals for theirself. Remain on track, be determined and also be motivated. Admiring her success has help me to make goals for myself as well even though i am an older adult. Let's keep hope alive!