You Saw Me Through

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When I saw Jennifer perform on the Grammys "You Pulled Me Through" I was so touched by the words, the power and the passion that came across in Jennifer's performance. Years ago, my family and I were watching American Idol and we all chose performers that we felt were the top three. My first pick was Jennifer. When she was voted off I was totally blown away and felt so sure of her success-her gift- that I kept that paper in my bill drawer. Then Dreamgirls cast was announced a few years later and when the cast names were published there was the name of that beautiful girl with the voice of an angel-a powerful,passionate angel-but an angel nonetheless. I pulled out the little piece of paper and showed it to my husband and daughter. Not for one moment did I ever not believe in Jennifer. She truly has a God-given talent that only the greatest are endowed with. Jennifer will be mentioned in the same conversations as "Judy", "Aretha", "Barbra", "Edith Piaf" and "Billie Holiday". Jennifer is now a young women who has been tried and tested in ways no one should ever be challenged but has shown that by the grace of God she will not only succeed but soar. God bless you Jennifer!! You are nothing but the very best. Don't ever give up or give in. You will perservere.

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God Bless!!! I know the feeling. We are blessed in crisis and dont know it till God lift's the clouds and says their pain is gone
James Waters

"No more sickness, sorrow, pain or cares.Jesus promised me a home over there." Last November I lost my grandfather to Alzhiemers disease. Everytime I here this song, it always reminds me of my grandfather. He was always there for me and growing up he would always tell us to never worry about him because God has prepared him a place. This song just brings tears to my eyes everytime I listen to it. For that split moment this song plays, it's like I can hear my grandfather telling me that he is pain free and is not suffering anymore and that he has his mansion God promised him.