Los Angeles 05-03

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I am flying in from Orlando Florida and would really love to be able to meet Jennifer. Just going to the concert is a plus!!! Can not wait to get there, May 2nd can not come fast enough!
Steven R

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"When you can wear what you feel, what do you want to say' from "All Dressed Up in Love".

I am flying my partner down to LA from Vancouver Canada as a surprise 44th birthday gift.
This is the song he choreographed his bodybuilding competition to and blew the audience away coming in 1st - they were on their feet screaming!

A great song that inspired him to train for his first competition which was played over 275 times (I checked our iTunes!) plus gave him the strength to be the best that he could be.

Raised by his Trinidadian gospel loving grandmother "Jesus Promised Me A Home Over There" is another song that makes him enjoy Jennifer above everyone.

PS He doesn't know he's coming to LA!

my 16 yo daughter Brittany and I are big fans...Brittany is a singer and Jennifer is her idol!! I would love this meet and greet for my daughter. Itwould be her dreamcome true!!