Jennifer Hudson as Winnie Mandela

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Hi everybody, I am new to this message board and I've been a fan of Jennifer Hudson for a long time. I like her as a singer and actress. However, I was very upset when I read an article on today that said that many South Africans have been protesting because she is playing Winnie Mandela in her new movie. It upset me that they were protesting such a great and talented singer and actress. I posted a response on my facebook page about it. Here is the article and my response below. I am asking you all to please support Jennifer Hudson and combat those dumb protesters.

South African Actors 'Want Hudson Out of Mandela Film'
JOHANNESBURG (AFP) · December 7, 2009
South African actors want to stop Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson from playing Winnie Madikizela-Mandela in a new film on the ex-wife of the nation's first black president, reports said Monday.

The Creative Workers Union of South Africa said using foreign actors to tell the country's stories undermined efforts to develop the national film industry.

"It can't happen that we want to develop our own Hollywood and yet bring in imports," the union's president Mabutho Sithole said in The Citizen newspaper.

"This decision must be reversed, it must be stopped now," union secretary general Oupa Lebogo said in The Times. "If the matter doesn't come up for discussion, we will push for a moratorium to be placed on the film."

Hudson, who scooped a best supporting actress Oscar in 2007 for the musical "Dreamgirls", landed the role of Madikizela-Mandela last month.

The film will be directed by South African film-maker Darrell J. Roodt, whose films include "Cry, The Beloved Country" and "Sarafina."

The criticism comes just days before the opening of the Clint Eastwood film "Invictus", a drama about Nelson Mandela and South Africa's 1995 rugby World Cup victory which united the nation.

Morgan Freeman plays the president and Matt Damon is the rugby team captain.

Madikizela-Mandela campaigned tirelessly for her husband's release during his 27-year imprisonment in the apartheid era.

However, her image was tarnished by a series of scandals including her links to the kidnap and murder of a young activist and a 2003 conviction for fraud.

She separated from Nelson Mandela in 1992, two years after his release.

Here is my response

I am very upset to hear that many South Africans are protesting Jennifer Hudson’s role as Winnie Mandela. That is so wrong and so prejudice of them to be that way. Jennifer Hudson is a very talented African American Actress and Singer. I don’t understand why these South Africans are being so mean towards her and don't want her to play a very positive role as Winnie Mandela.

She has already had a hard-knock life with her losing her mom and other family members recently. It just really breaks my heart to hear so many South Africans being prejudice towards her because she was not born in South Africa and they feel she shouldn’t play the role. Shame on them, and they need to realize is that when you are a good actor, you can play any role you want to, from a slave to a Queen, etc, it doesn’t matter as long as you are good at what you do and she is.

I bet those South Africans wouldn't protest any Biblical or Ancient Egyptian films with White people portrayed as our ancestors. I bet they sit down and take that, but when there is a positive Black lady who happens to be an American who wants to play Winnie Mandela, then they want to complain.

Those South Africans who have been protesting Jennifer Hudson are just a bunch of prejudice and bitter people and I believe that nasty attitude comes from their former racist White oppressors who ruled over them for so many years. That sick behavior seem to have passed on to these South Africans who have been protesting and they need some serious help now.

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NaeBaby 4 Life☺ i too think jennifer hudson is an excellent actress and can play this part better than anyone else. this is very predjudice. ethenicity shouldnt have anything to do with this the only color that should matter as long as the cast is black because of course the background story is african american. my point is that jennifer hudson deserves this part!

Long Live Winnie Mandela. Long Live Africa.

As an African I am disappointed by the protesters. I am disappointed because Jennifer Hudson is one of us. This protest was done by few loons who are misguided. According to reliable source the protest was sponsored and directed by some white supremacists group. These groups are made up of former aparthied officials and their families. These people hates Winnie Mandela for her role in defeating and dismantling their racist aparthied regime. These people are trying to sabotage this movie. So, the are using the same people that they suppressed for four hundred years to do their dirty job. They protesters are blindly submitting themselves to these white supremacists just for money. The protesters should be ashame of themselves, because they are traitors.
Winnie Mandela is a champion of the poor and less privileged. She was the mother of the liberation struggle. Jennifer Hudson is the best person to play Winnie. Winnie Mandela likes her very much. Just like Winnie, Jennifer Hudson is beautiful, intelligent, brave, courageous, kind, generous, and she is black. I can't wait to see this movie. Another oscar for Jennifer Hudson.

I totally agree with you. Jennifer Hudson has proven herself a talented singer and actress. And I for one cannot wait to see her in this role. I did not see anyone protest Morgan Freeman when he signed on to play Nelson Mandela. But through all of this, I know Jennifer Hudson is still going to shine. She has been through so much and has only become stronger. I know she will get through this too! As my momma would say "Opinions are like buttholes, everyone has one"