Request to Jennifer asking for help for our church!!!!

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PH: (773) 378-6344

January 28, 2010

Dear Jennifer Hudson,

My name is Shatoya House and I am writing to you on behalf of my church, Evangelistic Outreach Deliverance Ministry (E.O.D.M.). The ministry is located on the Westside of Chicago, IL in a very low-income area. We have about 150 members and a large portion of those members are youth. God has enabled the great leader of this ministry, Pastor Florida Jackson, to contribute so much within this ministry and the community; such as providing shelter for the homeless, Jobs, food and clothing. The majority of the youth that are a part of the ministry and many from within the community has survived many economic struggles and has regained stability in society through the guidance and help of Pastor Jackson and the E.O.D.M. church family.

Pastor Jackson and the E.O.D.M. church family has reached out to so many lives including my own and has helped guide us away from a life of drugs, gangs, alcohol, prostitution, and rape, physical and mental abuse. Not only did this ministry provide natural guidance to so many but also spiritual, that resulted in us giving our lives to Christ. I can say that many of us would still be living our lives in the streets today, if it had not have been for Pastor Jackson and this ministry giving us the love, guidance and help we needed to steer us back on the right path in life. The ministry started a mentoring group called, “Youth off the Streets” that upheld a mission of being a positive role model for other youth, along with other programs to help make a difference in the lives of other youth. Through it all, Pastor Jackson has made so many sacrifices of her own and her family for the sake of the ministry.

The Church building is used to host our worship services, church meetings, rehearsals, other church programs, and activities such as an after-school program, mentoring program, tutoring services, and community service work. The E.O.D.M. family hosts fundraisers from time to time to help support the ministry’s financial needs so that we can keep the church in operation for worship and our continual support of the community. The last couple of years have been a great struggle for the ministry financially, but the ministry has been doing its best to keep the doors of the church open. With the Mortgage rate going up to 12.5%, it has put the ministry in a financial bind because of lack of finances. If we are not able to fully meet mortgage payments, this could result in us loosing the church. On behalf of the Youth department and the E.O.D.M. church family, who are interested in supporting and preserving buildings which are of value to the local community, we would be most grateful if you would consider assisting us in helping to keep the doors of our church open by making a financial donation to the ministry.

Please respond at your earliest convenience to me at (312)662-8396, Antoinette Sanders at (773) 319-0191 or a church representative at (773)378-6344. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

Yours Faithfully,
Shatoya House
Shatoya House
Youth Department Leader

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It sounds like your church is performing miracles here on earth. I join with you in prayer on your request and hope you get the response that is driven by God's hand.

Abundant blessings,


Marjorie "Writer, Baker, DreamMaker"