Jennifer Hudson
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1 Play Track Spotlight
2 Play Track If This Isn't Love
3 Play Track Pocketbook (featuring Ludacris)
4 Play Track Giving Myself
5 Play Track What's Wrong (Go Away) (featuring T-Pain)
6 Play Track My Heart - Jennifer Hudson
7 Play Track You Pulled Me Through
8 Play Track I'm His Only Woman (featuring Fantasia)
9 Play Track Can't Stop The Rain
10 Play Track We Gon' Fight
11 Play Track Invisible
12 Play Track And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going - Performed by Jennifer Hudson;Dreamgirls (Motion Picture Soundtrack)
13 Play Track Jesus Promised Me A Home Over There

Comments (96)

Valerie D That Would Be Me

God has gifted you with a meladious voice,keep singing and inspiring others with your music.
Your Mom is smiling down on you and her grang.

Hey jennifer..You give really great music...I love to hear this.It refreshes me a lot..Nice..Waiting for next.too...
<a href="">Ross Jeffries</a>

Jennifer, I can't express how much I love your music. You are amazing. I own every cd.

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My favorite tracks from this album are tracks 2 and 5. Superb! Awesome tunes to listen to

The article written by you very good, I like it very much. I will keep your new article.

This Album simply the Best this is true rnb every song i know its so beautiful, my Favorite is giving myself. Luv u Jennifer Hudson.

Hey Jennifer,

Jennifer Hudson...not Jennifer Lopez or Jennifer Holliday...but Jennifer Hudson!!!!

God has given you the strength to move forward in your life. Since the lost of loved ones, I can truly see God working in your life. He has blessed you with a beautiful son and a supporting man that surrounds you with love. For the first time today, I was able to watch your Christmas Special (smile) on With all that you went through, your spirit was humble, forgiving, yet, you had peace in your heart. When I listen to you sing, I hear the passion that comes from within. The words you sing pores from your heart, and you truly touch the lives of so many…you can’t even began to imagine. I am glad that American Idol was created because it allowed opportunities for you, Fantasia, and Ruben. The one thing that I am thankful for is, neither of you have ever forgotten your roots and where you come from. You always give 'thanks' to God.

Jennifer keep doing what you do! You are an angel! An angel that has a voice of a songstress….a voice to be heard. Your journey has just begun...remember God is not through with you yet. Keep on singing my friend, keep on singing.

One more thing Jennifer...I would love to see you, Fantasia, and Ruben Studdard put a gospel album together...a mixture of gospel songs brought from your roots....a few songs of each of you day!

God bless you!

Your girl Reecie in the ATL!

hey gurlie.... jus stoppin to tell u how much i love your cd... my favorites are if this isnt love and pocketbook. love you girl!

J hud my favorite song on this album is giving myself .I plan to get married off that song with you at my wedding singing it.