Where You At
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i love to see you perfor

just love your music most of all where you at .........M. Samm

Dear Jennifer,
I just saw you on Oprah, yes I know it is an old show, (her last season) but I know now if you can lose 80 pounds I can to. I don't know why you had a problem with saying you lost 80 pounds, but we and I mean america, we need numbers. I am so proud of you, now I know I to can lose the weight I have been trying to lose. I started at 220lbs and I am at 196, because of what you have gone through I have the drive to keep going. I can not afford weight watchers but I have the next best thing, walking, that will never fail me.
I heard you new song for the first time this day and as I listened I started crying, it touched me so much, my husband is doing three years ( you know what I mean), <a href="">livesex</a> he was suppose to be there for me, this song was overwhelming for me. I have to find some money and get this album, any one will tell you I do not buy music but this one I have to have, this song is what is going to inspire me to keep keeping on.

Thank you so much!
Cynthia Diane Heath
Mount , Healthy, Ohio

I love this song ............

Jennifer I love everything you have released especially Where You At.