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"Giving Myself" Appearance on The Game

Watch the next episode of The Game on BET and listen for an appearance of “Giving Myself”!

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The song "I'll survive" should set the mood its a strong choice it shows the strenght of our people as a nation but it could be a head turner as a upbeat song to classic event.P.S. {I think you should sing it proud with the all of the meaning of overcoming struggle and rejoicing the sucess} you should thank the presidents wife.

Hi, Do you think President Obama can benefit from Jennifer Hudson's singing this well-known song "I'll Survive" (by Gloria Gaynor) in his re-election?

Mike Huckabee has used that song before and he did pretty good with that song setting the momentum.

It would be perfect if Jennifer Hudson sing this song "I'll Survive" for Obama's re-election!

Jennifer, Please think about it.

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