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Jennifer Hudson Set to Perform on VH1 Divas!

Jennifer Hudson is slated to perform on this year's VH1 Divas special! Mark your calendar - the show airs December 19th! More info here.

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After 50 years of classical piano training, I must say there will never be another talent matching yours in this century. The difficulty with talent such as yours is find songwriters that can composed music that gives your voice the opportunity to sound its range, I can't wait to see you live in person. You are definitely the talent of this century. I look forward to more and more music from that powerfer and God-given voice. Phil Smith

why are thoughs other people going to be a part of the show you are the one and only diva i mean really the show should only be about you .love you and can't wait to see and hear you .

Dear Jennifer,
You are my inspiration and I think you are beautiful in and out . Since following you I have lost 56 pounds and it feels great. It sometimes gets hard because now I do not have clothing but being 306 pounds and wearing plus size clothes was a depressing thing for me , but I have to tell you God is awesome and if you want something and try hard enough all things are possible . Thank you for making my dreams come true. I really hope you can read this as I am so greatful to you and the push you have given me to turn my life around .
Much Love ,
Lorraine Wilson

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