Julian D. King Foundation 2nd Annual Hatch Day Video

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I would like to say that you are a inspiration for black women who are looking for a model of dignity, integrity and grace. You shine and I know it is by God's grace for you and that you acknowledge it makes it even more special and inspiring. Everyone is searching for a happy ending for their story and I hope that you continue to strive for yours in the the positive and uplifting way you have done. God bless you and your family Jennifer. Smiling

I am so sorry for your loss and I love the strengths that you and your Family have! God Bless you all!

Hello Ms. Jennifer, I was watching your interview with Oprah on Oprah Next Chapter and when you stated for your nephews birthday you give back which makes the day easier is remarkabe! That is what I did this year to honor my son's memory on his birthday. I startedstarted an online fundraiser with Make A Wish foundation to help children with life threatening conditions. My son Jordan passed away from Neuroblastoma cancer at the age of three. It has been 19 yrs but it feels like yesterday. I miss him today just as much as the day he was called home.

This video is beautiful, inspirational, and a perfect manifestation of the message my students NEED to hear.

Dear Jennifer,

I know you probably don't read these yourself. I know you are busy and that you most likely have assistants who screen these messages, if they are even read at all. But I pray you read this.

I am the 8th grade science teacher at Amandla Charter School in Englewood Chicago and I believe my students need to hear your message. My students come in every day with stories that break my heart, but determination and optimism that lift my spirits. Every day they show up to school I take it as a sign of hope from them. My students have been struggling these last few weeks with the fallout of the shooting of the young rapper JoJo who was killed near our school recently. This young man is a cousin of one of my students and a friend of many of them. I have seen the despair and anguish in my kids these last few weeks as they grapple with this life-altering incident.

But it's not an isolated incident. My students deal with more than any one person should ever have to overcome and everyday I pray that I can help in some way to allow them to see another reality. I know you love Englewood, and I know my students love you. You said in your video that when a musical artist came to your school it was a turning point for you. A moment when your distant dreams became tangible possibilities. My students NEED that. I am asking you to come to our school. To come back to our community. To give my students that glimmer of hope that you received as a child.

Meeting you and hearing your story would be the biggest blessing to them. If there is any way I could persuade you to come to our school please let me know. I know you could make an impact on some of my kids that could alter their realities. You are a sign of hope and of possibility. Please be that sign for my students.

I look forward to your response.

Ms. Byers

Ms Hudson(s) Julia and Jennifer
I am watching your Oprah special and I'm moved to reach out.
You and your family have my deepest and heartfelt condolences. I applaud you for 'making a positive out of a negative' in creating Hatch Day for your loved one Julian and using by your mother's advice is a powerful way to honor those you have lost. I myself am a african american single mother of a Julian, and my love for him has no limits. He was raised on music and this is his first love. He is 34 and has 'followed his dream' he calls himself 'OX' and has a website. He is in the final stage of completing college for his Bachelors degree frpm the University of Minnesota. I am proudest of him for that. I as his mother told him to back up his dream with something concrete such as education. He was too intelligent to waste that. He wants to work with children. I also have a 24 year old daughter named Zuri. She works full time and has the most beautiful heart. She loves animals and should I say as the song goes 'works hard and plays hard'(smile) I love both of my children to no end, so I can't imagine the loss you have suffered. I know a mothers' love. I also have a 1st cousin, that named her son 'Julian' after my Julian ...... Julian King. He is in high school and of course giving his mother teenage, high school anxieties(smile). I don't know why I'm compelled to reach out to you, I do see the small similarities. I'm moved by your positive outlook, and strength to move forward with your lives. I see the family strength you have and see you gather that strength from your foundation your mother. God Bless those you lost, and may God bless you and your family. From now on I will equate the Hudson sisters with strength and goodness.