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To: Ms. Jennifer Hudson
From: Lady Diva Sorority Inc.
Re: Divas against GIRLS Bullying (Campaign)

Greetings Ms. Hudson,

My name is Ms. Tennesha Frierson, founder of Lady Diva Sorority. I am an educator in the City of Chicago and I am addressing this letter to you, in order to ask for your help to combat two major problems with young ladies in this city. The first problem being the lack of confidence in one’s self and second being the tearing down of another by bullying her.
Every school is required to have a bullying policy; however, we don’t see a major push by the city, for example Public Service Announcements, Billboards, Posters within major businesses (such as grocery /dept. stores) and city agencies.
Our form of attack to help solve the problem would be to address as many girls as possible while they are all together in a positive environment just for them. We want to hold an annual scholars/ leadership pageant which will be open to every girl in the state of Illinois and it will be held in Chicago. During the pageant leadership weekend, we teach, encourage and inspire every girl to be leaders within their schools and the culminating event will be the DIVAS LEADERSHIP PAGEANT. The winners of the pageant will be the spokeswomen for each year of their title to promote anti-bullying character when they make public appearances, produce public service announcements, in print media and for billboards throughout Chicago and the State of IL.
As an educator, I know that peers listen and influence their fellow peers however most are scared to be leaders amongst their fellow peers unless placed in a position of leadership and because we have not given them the tools to empower them to be leaders within their schools and community.
Here’s our proposal, to hold a pageant at Arie Crown Theater, on Thanksgiving weekend. All monies raised will be used for anti-bullying campaigns (print, radio, television, and internet). Their community service requirement will be to turn in 10 can goods which will be collected for the Greater Chicago Food Depository and every girl that participates will receive a trophy, certificate and gift bag.
We will invite non-profit female enrichment & empower agencies within Chicago to come support our young ladies. We will also invite female social service and health agencies for young ladies that need outreach services.
Participants in our pageants will write an essay on anti-bullying and how to resolve the issue within their school; they will attend leadership workshops, turn in 10 can goods for community service and attend a family orientation. The $125 fee will allow for us to pay for the venue, trophies, awards, gift bags and the $250 cash prize for each queen in her age division.
After pageant/leadership weekend, the queens and her courts will begin to work on a yearlong campaign to promote anti-bullying within the State of Illinois.
I am asking your help with this endeavor because we have tried for 2 years and many have said “no” or it can’t be done. Our mission is to stop bullying, because it hurts children and now children are turning around hurting others or themselves.
We know that having a name with influence to support our goals can make this a reality. Lady Diva Sorority is a non-profit social organization and each of our 123 members are required to be a Big Sister to a girl in the city, so we don’t collect monies or fees, this is strictly volunteer. We are small organization however we see the huge need for this campaign. We have started our campaign within schools, which you can see on our web site ( divasupremepageants.org )
Again, I am asking for your support to help us, by just your influence, voice and maybe even an appearance. This would speak volumes to our cause and also reach so many. Then maybe others, companies, and venues would take us seriously.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read our letter and together, this vision can become a reality of change.

Thank you again,

Ms. Tennesha Frierson
Lady Diva Sorority Inc., Founder